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  • HendonRedmond
    Hendon-Redmond's corporate identity, renewed for their 50th anniversary, demonstrates the innovative quality of this Architect, Engineer, and Consulting firm specializing in industrial buildings and structures.
  • Providence
    This event identity for the National Association of Catholic Lay Ministers (NACFLM) is based around the theme of Providence.
  • Pathways
    Pathways identity for the National Conference of Healthcare Conference for Reynolds and Reynolds Corporation based in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Fidelity Federal
    Branding identity for this community bank, Fidelity Federal, features an illustrative image of a fictitious neighborhood once segmented is used for brochure covers and interiors for the communication systems.
  • MaternalFetal
    Maternal-Fetal Ultrasound Center and its sister medical practices rely on a coordinating corporate identity for their communication materials.
  • knowledge
    Branding for a brochure system for nonprofit organization, one of two.
  • DiscoverFun
    Branding for a brochure system for nonprofit organization, two of two.
  • Trans
    Displayed is a branding/logotype for a global interoperability solutions corporation based in Milford, Ohio.
  • NativityData
    A data center identity.
  • DO
    Identity for small business specializing in making things beautiful and assuring they are in their place.
  • Building
    This is a visionary event Identity for parish building campaign.
  • FortWashington
    Corporate Idenity for financial instituion Fort Washington Investment Advisors.
  • ArtOfSurvivorship
    "Art of Survivorship" logo is a pro-bono identity for cancer survivor group art auction.
  • KLHB
    Corporate identity for well establish law offices in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • SloeMio
    Product identiy for the Sunglass Hut.

Embodying layers of meaning into a single image or icon makes a successful identity or brand.

Branding and identities share many same characteristics. Branding establishes the value and status of a product, service, or group through careful planning, orchestration, and implementation. In its simplest form, identity design is the development and application of a distinct image or symbol that makes a corporation, organization, product, program, or event recognizable. Proper visual elements—color, typefaces and design—need to capture cohesiveness to represent the distinct character of the brand.


Corporate Identities involve a visual style and symbol, as well as the creation and practice of the organization’s content. We have successfully developed and implemented individual identities or brands as well as full identity systems.

Review the case studies of success stories and transformations.

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