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  • knowledge
    This winning brochure system and identity assisted this small nonprofit public library in being named one of the nation's best libraries in the nation.
  • FirstDance
  • 2014HolyCow
  • Mary'sCat
  • NACC
  • WomanWalking
  • Seeds of Change
    This slide reflects a direct mail campaign for a financial institution promoting a retirement plan. The theme was based around growing financial wealth and used a gardening theme.
  • ArtOfSurvivorship
  • Computer
  • BlastOff2
  • DO
  • ToSeal
  • HolyCow2013
  • Fidelity
    This image illustrates an entire branding package, identity, branding illustration, and brochure system, for a community bank based in Norwood, Ohio.
  • Providence
    We developed this identity, and the brochure for a national conference of family lay ministers.
  • Pathways
    The Pathways logo and brochure and recruitment materials for this healthcare conference were successful in making the event dynamic in obtaining new members to the plan.
  • Mary
    This illustrates a detail from an editorial on the Annunciation of Mary.
  • candlelight
    This is a detail from cover art for a novel based on the theme of the Jewish story of light.
  • FunInTheSun
    A scene from a flash banner developed by CreechCreative for a client's promotion known as "Fun in the sun."
  • Hendon Redmond
    IHendon-Redmond's corporate identity, renewed for their 50th anniversary, demonstrates the innovative quality of this Architect, Engineer, and Consulting firm specializing in industrial buildings and structures.
  • Sunrise
    Displayed is one in a series of Environmental Graphics for store signage system and poster series.
  • ValentinesDay
    Catalog design and development for novelty company

As a graphic communicator, we function as a chameleon; we create communications or strategies in the background as directed by the client’s goals. CreechCreative communicates a client's story, image or message — whatever the product or service –– in a manner that strongly reverberates within the targeted audience to prompt action, ramp up brands, grow business and push a winning effort.





Like a chameleon, the process begins by getting immersed in each project and understanding a customer’s business, ambitions, culture and expression. This is achieved by asking the right questions to the client’s team and customers, researching as well as reviewing competitions’ marketing materials –– being a quick study to help our clients grasp opportunities in an ever-changing market.

We assist in-house creative and account teams already in place, or we can compose the needed team on a per-project basis. We can play a role at the start of a project or points along the development of a assignment.

Our years of experience includes a broad range of B2B and consumer marketing projects –– “one-man” start-up businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.

Whether projects are simple and quick-turn around or involve complex and robust information, our goal is to create a message that is attractive, comprehended and actionable. Our background includes new product presentations as well as re-positioning or refreshing the marketing of current products and services.