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  • CreechCreative
  • Hendon Redmond
    IHendon-Redmond's corporate identity, renewed for their 50th anniversary, demonstrates the innovative quality of this Architect, Engineer, and Consulting firm specializing in industrial buildings and structures.
  • NACC
  • BlastOff
  • knowledge
    This winning brochure system and identity assisted this small nonprofit public library in being named one of the nation's best libraries in the nation.
  • BlastOff2
  • WomanWalking
  • Pathways
    The Pathways logo and brochure and recruitment materials for this healthcare conference were successful in making the event dynamic in obtaining new members to the plan.
  • Mary'sCat
  • Samples
  • Computer
  • ToSeal
  • HolyCow2013
  • Seeds of Change
    This slide reflects a direct mail campaign for a financial institution promoting a retirement plan. The theme was based around growing financial wealth and used a gardening theme.
  • 2014HolyCow
  • Fidelity
    This image illustrates an entire branding package, identity, branding illustration, and brochure system, for a community bank based in Norwood, Ohio.
  • Providence
    We developed this identity, and the brochure for a national conference of family lay ministers.
  • candlelight
    This is a detail from cover art for a novel based on the theme of the Jewish story of light.
  • FunInTheSun
    A scene from a flash banner developed by CreechCreative for a client's promotion known as "Fun in the sun."
  • Mary
    This illustrates a detail from an editorial on the Annunciation of Mary.
  • Sunrise
    Displayed is one in a series of Environmental Graphics for store signage system and poster series.
  • ValentinesDay
    Catalog design and development for novelty company


It's not just our motto. It's our business plan. Create content; make each project unique and original.


Imagine turning your customers into an extended sales force, because of their satisfaction.



CreechCreative was founded in 1984 in Ohio as graphic design firm Creech Design. We are now a Tennessee-based graphic design firm.

Our experience includes "the" traditional graphic design method of doing marker renderings for comps and cutting and pasting paper onto bristol board. We still own our original Mac SE, purchased the year it was released in 1989, and have participated in the growth of digital age of graphic design.


Tim Creech—Creative Director/Principal

Experience: Tim founded Creech Design in 1984 and CreechCreative Designworks in 1992.
With 20+ years of graphic design experience, both corporate and studio, he brings a broad set of skills and knowledge to all projects.

Interests: Tim loves the creative process and solving puzzles. Outside activities include listening to jazz, becoming enlightened through spirituality, and being a father to two adult children.