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  • ChartYourCourse
    We developed a navigational theme for this brochure system for this nonprofit library, and the Chart Your Course brochure was the first in the series of publications, the others followed the same look and feel but featured different color schemes and content.
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When the team at this nonprofit organization reached out to CreechCreative they wanted to develop a cost-saving brochure that featured each of their services as well as market to their growing younger audience.

The client wanted a brochure system that would easily guide their patrons to the features this library would bring to both their on location, and home based expedition.





Our process starts with an analysis of the client, audience, issues and points of difference. Which leads to the development of a document about the client's background, personality, services and connection to their audience.

Next the team developed several themes, presented the theme "Explore Knowledge Discover Fun!" scouting approach. Next, the design team developed approaches and begins thoughts of implementation.

These concepts were shared with the client for discussing the merits of each direction. Then after final approval, final development and implementation is completed.

As a cost-saving method we implemented a three spot color and "gang" printing method that allowed interesting tri and duo-tone effects on each piece.



The resulting implementation of the brochure system enhanced this nonprofit corporation image and enabled them to earn the title of one the BEST LIBRARIES in the nation.

Enjoy the journey!

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