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Another example of our working process is found with this illustration "The Family Outing" for an life insurance service corporation. Every illustrator has their own way of workingó all we are showing is our way of going about things. We hope you enjoy it!

Normally, clients through the phone, email, or mail seeks us out. The first contact is usually very brief sometimes we are just asked whether we are available to work on something to be delivered within a few days.

After confirmation of the brief, budget and delivery date, we came up with some rough concepts. Roughs are quick ideas for layouts Some jobs don't require roughs, but we usually do them for personal reference.



We encourage clients to confirm as many changes at the sketch stage. It's more difficult or impossible to correct things at the final artwork phase.

Rendering the artwork
As digital illustrators, we create almost all our artwork on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We imported the final sketch into Illustrator and rendered the artwork for printing. It is very much like painting or drawing the old fashion way. It is convenient to have the ìundoî at your fingertips when working digitally.



The final Illustrator artwork was checked, content was added and high-resolution files were prepared. The print-ready file was uploaded to my server, and we sent the client a note to say the work is done. We gave a link to download the final file.

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